Welcome to New Creation Fitness Counseling!  I’m so glad you’re here!  My name is Heather Lake and I am not your average personal trainer.  I hope that this comes as a relief to you!

I have a passion to speak the truth about how health and fitness really works.  We hear so many messages from the world about what is best for our bodies, what is harmful, and how to lose weight and get in shape: various fad diets, the move more/eat less concept, and pills/supplements, to name just a few.

Do you find yourself thinking, There are so many contradictions out there!  What is the truth?  I’ve had some life-changing experiences that challenged all that I have been taught as a trainer.  I think I’ve made just about every mistake one can make in the quest to become healthy and fit.  By the grace of God, I have learned a great deal and feel called to share this wisdom with others.  Inspired by my own health/fitness crisis with an eating disorder and thyroid disease, I embarked on a quest for the truth about how our bodies were designed, and how to work FOR them and not against them.

This site provides a variety of information that I’ve intensely researched along with lots of honesty (and hopefully some humor) about my own struggles and my search for answers.  I hope you find this information valuable and encouraging, my friend.  You are not alone!

If you are interested in one on one training, click on contact for more info.  I provide both face to face and virtual training and I’d be honored to partner with you!